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Pump Rental Trained Staff

Trained staff

Unforeseeable problems or disruptions can, in addition to long downtimes, lead to high costs. It is therefore advisable to always have the possibility of on-site technical expertise. We, at GEARS, therefore see it as a matter of course that we are always available to provide you with competent and comprehensive support in the maintenance and repair of our pump units.

Thanks to many years of experience on construction sites and in the operation of a wide variety of pumps, mixer systems and equipment, our specialist personnel know what they are doing. Especially when it comes to sensitive pumping work and pressure tests, you should have staff on site who are well trained and thoroughly familiar with the technology. Our operators can fall back on valuable experience and get the best out of the pumps and thus for your project. Our operator can also do small repair work on site if there are problems with the pump.

Since we pay special attention to safety, all our colleagues have the SCC certificate

Even if you have your own operating staff for your pumps, it can still be in your interest to have a service technician on site. Our service technician can comprehensively take care of your pump technology. He carries out the maintenance work and minor repairs on the pumps independently by arrangement. Especially if you have several pumps from us on site or have the pumps operated in 24-hour operation, you can minimize longer downtimes or downtimes by having a service technician on site by saving travel time. You could also have a service container on site so that you can always access the most important wearing parts and special tools.

Repair service Expertise
Repair service Expertise

Repair Services Expertise

Our service technicians are specialists in this field due to the daily handling of pump units from GOES, Metax or Tecniwell. But we can also provide you with expert support for aggregates from other manufacturers.

We are repairing engines from different manufacturers.

Transmissions of the large Allison series such as 750, 5/6/8/9000 series are our specialty. But we can also support you in the repair of gearboxes from other manufacturers and series.

We repair centrifugal pumps from different manufacturers. With our modern workshop we can guarantee a quick repair of your pump. We offer a comprehensive and uncomplicated pump service from construction and repair to commissioning. See for yourself.

Complete pump rebuild including power end, for HT 400, SPM, MSI, Gardner Denver, Metax and others. If necessary, a pump overhaul can be an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a new pump. Thanks to our many years of experience in this field, we can assess which measures make sense on your pump in order to keep the costs of the overhaul adequate. All steps are discussed with the customer in order to achieve the best possible result for you. If required, we can also sandblast, flux and paint the pumps.

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Trained operators and reliable equipment!

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